Model Y441 Packer

Model Y441 Packer

Model Y441 packer is a tubing conveyed, hydraulic-set, pull to release packer with a simple but reliable mechanical design. It has bi-directional slips that could keep the tool in place against forces from both above and below, in combination with a high-performance sealing element, the packer could perform well under high pressure differential across the tool.

The packer could be easily set by pressuring up, which is a preferable feature for wells with high deviations where mechanical shifting and slickline conveying is not suitable, it could also be set after the wellhead is installed.

Multiple packers could be run in hole and set simultaneously by pressuring up the whole string or sequentially by dropping balls. Various extensions could be used in combination including hydraulic setting sub, profile nipples, pump out joints for different well conditions.

To release the packer, an overpull force needs to be applied to break the shear pins to allow free movement of the mandrel, further upward movement will relax the element and retract the bi-directional slips. The upward or downward forces from pressure differential do not directly apply on the mandrel, which reduces the risks that the tool could not be released at rated overpull.