Model Y211 Packer

Model Y211 Packer

Model Y211 packer is a compression-set, pull-to-release packer used for selective treatments including small volume fracturing, acidizing, zonal injection, testing, casing leak locating, etc., in combination with a hydraulic anchor, it could be used for fracturing operations with higher rate & pressure.

The packer has a simple structure, the main components are high-performance elements, slips and drag blocks installed on a sleeve, the sleeve could slide along two guiding grooves (a long and a short one) on the mandrel that could be switched by reciprocal movements of tubing. When the sleeve is in the longer groove, downward movements of the tubing will expand the slips and then set the packer. A simple straight pull is required to release the packer, the packer could be set again without pulling out of hole and redressing.

The Y211 packer is a reliable and fast solution to multiple zone treatments, the high-performance is robust enough for multiple-time setting & release, and it could be easily unset under rough wellbore conditions, which makes it almost risk free to run.